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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Empower CXOs with actionable intelligence based on tracking business performance via strategic, industry-specific KPIs. Our Business Intelligence tools help identify potential risks and unravel hidden opportunities for sustainable growth.

Key Offerings

Cost Optimization

Procurement rate benchmarking

Advanced expense analysis (controllable and otherwise)

Cost allocation optimization based on ROIs & functional priority

Revenue Predictability

Growth thro’ PVNL, cross-selling & cannibalization analytics

Analytics for order book conversion and secondary sales

ABC heat map, Top-N, cohort analysis

Customer churn, repeating product-customer combinations

Refinement of discounting & marketing campaigns

Cash flow and Profit Maximization

Profit mix analytics and forecasts

P&L drill down by brands, HQ, category managers

Inventory, working capital optimization

Insights for cash flow forecasting

Operational Excellence

ROI tracking on operational investments

Utilization (OEE, downtime) & turnaround time 
(TAT) optimization

Other department KPIs (Marketing, HR, Compliance Training)

Phases of BI Implementation

Business Intelligence

Defining KPIs

Define measurable business KPIs through brainstorming with management and other relevant stakeholders

Business Intelligence

Data Analytics

Actual data analytics in various contexts and leveraging various statistical tools, industry benchmarks

Business Intelligence

Reporting Framework

Set up of framework for automated dashboards and output reports, frequency, access hierarchy, exception reporting

Business Intelligence

Regular Tracking of KPIs

Tracking of the KPIs and communicating key findings through automated alerts, triggers, escalation management

Business Intelligence

Insights & Refinement

Regular insights and rule-based recommendations for continued refinement of strategy

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Business Intelligence

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