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Addressing Data Security

Conceptualized based on our decade-long experience in providing decision-oriented analytics solutions across 

Robust Product Data & Enterprise Security

  • Comprehensive Service Security Policy, reviewed regularly
  • Restricted Single Sign-on (SSO), Static IPs for virtual access & management of data
  • Secure and firewalled servers, monitored regularly
  • Leased line port connectivity and SSL Secure Network for secure flow of data
  • Restricted internet access on the computers, data retrieval and transmission under clear supervision

Continuity Planning

  • Documented and tested best practices in continuity, disaster recovery planning

External Security Threat Management

  • Continued monitoring of cyber threats | Use of best-in-class cloud and on-premise security management software

Employee level Security Management

  • Robust background checks

  • Confidentiality agreements & continued compliance training


Security & Trust Centre

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